Getting Around Dili

As you may have noticed, I’m finally catching up on all the blog posts that I couldn’t post during my month-long trip. Since my last post from Dili, the internet gods had not been good to me, and I couldn’t stay online long enough to write anything or upload pictures to post. Maybe an upgraded laptop would have helped, I don’t know. (Tip for the next travels … upgrade the laptop first.)

These are traffic sights in and around Dili. Most of them were taken from inside the car, as we were driving. We didn’t walk around too much, when we were there.


Going to school …

20121025-094056.jpg 20121025-094017.jpg

20121025-094117.jpg 20121025-094215.jpg

I tried to get pictures of whole families on the back of these motorcycles, but they zipped by too fast.  I’m still going through my pictures, so maybe I’ll find one.   What’s amazing is that the operator of the motorcycle has on the helmet.  Most adult passengers bring their own helmet.  But the children have none.  Hmmmm …..




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