Spare Change

As we cruised along, we came upon a group of children, up on the rocks, who hailed us from top.  Naturally, seeing tourists, they asked if we could spare them some change.



It only took one wave, and they all scrambled over the rocks to come down to the banks of the river.


The guides with us cautioned, and advised, that we should not be handing out spare change, specially to a group of children.  If we didn’t have enough for everybody, they would end up fighting among themselves.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough small bills with us for everybody, and had to give them big bills, with the repeated instructions that they should share.

As we pushed off out to the middle of the river, and the boys turned to go back, we already heard squabbling among themselves.


A dilemma, everywhere we go.

Do we, or don’t we give hand-outs to them?



  1. Love the pictures… We spent 3 months in Uganda in 2011 and had the same dilemma, giving at the start but we could see ourselves running out of money if we kept giving to everyone in need. We ended up supporting other charities doing good work in the various areas to be a sustainable presence to the kids and families.

    1. How true it is … the generosity vs the practical. My mind always runs through the different ways that one can help, and then meets the reality of how much can one really do. And yes, it boils down to little random acts, with the hope that it would help somehow. Thanks for dropping by.

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