Rescue on the Nile

On the way back, we met kayakers going the opposite way.

“Where is (x)? Is this the way to (x)?”, they asked.

“(x) is that way”, pointed our guides. They were pointing in the direction from which the kayakers were coming from.  And everybody laughs.  How far was it from their current position? Quite far, they said.

Calling them over, we offered to tow them back to their base. Paddling over, they held on while good-naturely laughing with us on their predicament. They got lost, they said. They went in between the islands on the river, ended up on the other side, and they thought they were on the right track back to base when they went around the islands.

“Is this where you started?”, asked our guides.
“Yes! Yes!”, they exclaimed as one.

And with that, they let go our boat and paddled over to their landing, waving and calling out to the worried parents … one of whom was ready to send out a search party.

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