Peanuts and Fried Grasshoppers


I could get used to this … lunches and dinners by the lake, with a cool breeze blowing.  Just like in Dili, when I was there.

For a weekend brunch, we went to one of the many restaurants by Lake Victoria.  I wanted to set up a hammock between the trees, and take a nap while swaying in the breeze, it was that relaxing.

The children played in the water, before, during and after their meals.


People were in and out of the water, enjoying the hot sun and cool waters. DS2_2215


Beach vendors walked along the shore, and showed their baskets.

Roasted peanuts and maize

Wanting to see what everybody was offering, we called over another vendor to see what was in his basket that others seemed to be fussing over.

He came over, but didn’t want to open the lid.  I don’t know why not … the grasshoppers were all fried, anyway, and couldn’t jump out anyway.


Hmmm …. maybe next time …


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