I Want to Read!

A real book!

A big, thick, heavy physical book, such as this one that I saw somebody reading on the bus.


I tried to read the title, but couldn’t see.  And it wasn’t a textbook; it was a novel.  I miss the smell of pen and ink on paper, the crisp new covers, opening a book to a random page and start reading.

I still have books to read on my bookshelf.  Hubby says I’ll never read those books again, what with the Kindle and iPad and other e-readers; and why do I still buy physical books.  I tell him that not all books are available on e-readers.  And there’s always a big, thick book like this that calls to me, whenever I browse in the bookstore.

And I tell him that you can’t take these e-readers out on the beach with you.  They overheat or the battery runs out and the screen blanks out; the glare is too much; you’re always fidgeting so that you don’t get sand on the screen or that it doesn’t get wet when the boys come and shake off the water on top of you.  With a paperback, it doesn’t overheat, doesn’t black out, and you don’t mind if sand or water gets on it.

So, I’m off to browse my bookshelf, and pull out one of those books that have been waiting to be read.  I think it’s time I just sat down to read properly, not quick snatches while on the bus, not fidgeting to make sure that nothing falls on the screen.  Just to sit and read and enjoy the feeling of the weight of a book in my hand.

Read any real good books lately?


  1. Q – There really isn’t anything to compare to the wonderful feeling of holding a book while reading. And, yes, I have all the “e” stuff, but books… sigh. I agree with you.

    1. It took me a while to get into eReaders as well. It was only because I was travelling and realized that I could ‘pack’ more books with me, as well as lighten my suitcase!
      thanks for the visit!

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