Sponge Bob and the Seven Deadly Sins

If you have children, or grandchildren, you must have come across Spongebob at some time in your life.  Maybe even when they’re past toddler age or Y-7.  I don’t pay attention to the show much, but my boys like it.

When Justin was eight or nine years old, he drew this image of Spongebob – from memory.  That’s how much he’s watched that show that he knows exactly what Spongebob looks like, down to the freckles.  I didn’t even know Spongebob had freckles.  I thought it was pretty amazing that he drew so well from memory, and so I kept it (of course).


In random talk one evening, Spongebob came up in the conversation.  And Justin announced that each of the characters in Spongebob represents the seven deadly sins.  Huh??  He then proceeded to name the sins and the characters that they correspond to.

I went searching on the internet, of course.  Sure enough, there’s several articles out there on this connection.  Not sure if it was originated by somebody who had this theory, or if it was that one of the show’s creators mentioned it in an interview, and so made the internet rounds.  This is the most common explanation (taken from this website):

1.  Sloth – Patrick :  Obviously Patrick exhibits this sin. He sleeps under a rock all day, has no job and in one episode gets awarded for how lazy he is.

2.  Wrath – Squidward :  Squidward is angry 90% of the time. He hates his life, hates Spongebob and anything dealing with anyone except him.

3.  Greed – Mr. Krabs :  Mr. Krabs is all about money, money money. Nothing else.

4.  Envy – Plankton :  Plankton is always so envious of Mr. Krabs and the infamous secret ingredient in the Krabby Patty. It’s what runs his life.

5.  Gluttony – Gary :  In most episodes when Gary is involved it usually has something to do with feeding him/making sure he’s fed. There’s even an episode where he runs away because Spongebob forgets to feed him one day.

6.  Pride – Sandy :  Sandy is SO PROUD shes from Texas and she’s a Mammal. There’s even an episode where she tries to prove that land mammals are better than sea creatures.

7.  Lust – Spongebob :  Spongebob LOVES everyone. He loves everyone with a great passion that it makes up his whole persona. Lust in one definition can be identified as ‘Excessive love of others.’

And suddenly, I see Spongebob in a new light … I wonder if the younger ones can tell what the characters represent?  I know that in their own way, young children nowadays understand a lot more than we think.

Hmmm … Next time I see a young child with a Spongebob-related product, I’m going to ask them about Spongebob and the characters …


  1. Q – Wow! Both your Justin and my grandson Mason are wonderful artists! I love the way Justin was able to make the connection. Smart son! Hum, I hadn’t even made the connection until I read this. You go Justin! And, I’ve watched the cartoons a hundred times with the grandkids. 😎

    1. I didn’t make the connection either. I’ve sat with the boys while they watch tv, and only pay partial attention to the show. But there must be something in the show that the kids understand, and not just a cartoon show that entertains. I’m also trying to encourage Justin to sketch more – he has that ability to draw what’s in his mind and transfer to paper.

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