Men at Work

‘Stop!  Men at work here!  Out of the kitchen!’

That’s how I was greeted over the past weekends and some weeknights.  The kitchen was in a mess.

Our summer of home improvement continues.  Hubby Charles was inspired to change the kitchen flooring, and so we went the rounds at Home Depot and Lowe’s to check out what’s available.  Instead of vinyl tiles, he chose these wooden planks instead.  Watching YouTube tutorials, he realized that there was more to it than just fitting the planks together, and ended up buying more tools.  Yeah, I know … more tools and gadgets.  It’s the same thing they say about me and my yarn  🙂


Fortunately, friend Octavio came over to help and give pointers.  He had just recently fixed up his newly-bought house, and lent us some of the tools needed.


Justin got lessons in carpentry and woodworking …


Christopher quickly masters the drills …


And Charles was going to finish everything up this past weekend with trimmings, and guess what?  He threw his back again … or sprained it … or something, while moving the fridge away from the wall so they could work behind it.  So he’s flat on his back again, with minimum movement.

But he’s supervising the boys on what to do … this kitchen may yet get done this week.

Oh, and the deck?  We finally managed to get one coat on, and this is what it looks like now.


But I wanted to put another coat of clear sealer.  But guess what?  It rained again.  Now it has to dry out again before we can do that …


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