Catching Up With Summer

Can you believe it??  It seems that it was only a couple of months ago that we were looking forward to the hot sunshine of summer … and now there’s a countdown to fall??  I am so not ready for this!

There are so many happenings all of a sudden … house guests … soccer tournaments … illness in the family … a full house of guests … school shopping … soccer tournaments … work projects … And again I’ve got posts being written in my head and not actually getting posted!  So here’s what I’ve seen of the summer so far in the city:

Citi-bikes suddenly appeared on the city streets.  We’ve got two bike stations near the office buildings.  Hubby says we should try it out sometime.  Uh-uh, I said.  Not going biking out on the city streets, you crazy?  Driving already stresses me out … and you want me to go biking?

Car racing on the streets NYC?  Really?  Like in Monaco?  Where?

Apparently there’s plans for some car rally or other … That will be interesting, considering the state of the highways here …

Never noticed these sculptures, three blocks from the office building.  Okay, so we don’t usually walk around here … That’s why we should walk out here more, right?  And I still don’t know what these standing sculptures are … looks like legs in long, thigh-high boots to me …


How’s your summer going?





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