Encased in Ice

The first blast of icy, frigid, sub-freezing weather continues for us … After a warm November, we are suddenly frozen .. and winter didn’t even start yet !!

We got about six inches of snow over the weekend, and then rain overnight, which meant ice and slush the next morning.  It wasn’t as much snow as the US mid-west (which had over two feet of snow, I think), but this cold cold cold wind took out the delight of the first snow for me.  The boys didn’t mind … they were rolling around in the snow and ice anyway.

I saw the shrubs and branches encased in ice, and went closer …


Those poor leaves and shrubs … encased in ice.  I was cold and frozen, just by looking at it.

Ice crystal designs … I couldn’t get any closer, that was the extent of my lens.  But it’s giving me ideas on what to do with the macro lens!


And remember the Japanese red maple tree from an earlier post, in all its fiery red and orange glory?  Well, this is what the branches looks like now …

*sigh* … I wasn’t ready for autumn/fall to finish yet …

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