Elusive Scribblings

I’m finally getting my sketchbook project to take shape …


This started off as an attempt at some sort of order and structure – the theme I chose is ‘Borders and Lines’, so in my mind, there had to be some sort of structure and boundaries and … borders. But my mind didn’t cooperate, and instead it was going into ten different directions on what to do and how to compose it, and in the end, I decided to just let my brain take over and tell my hand what to do …

As you can see, it all started out as some sort of random scribbling and scratches … My vision of what I want to be doing with this project is somewhere in the back of my brain, just at the outskirts of my consciousness, and remains elusive that I can’t quite transfer it from the brain to the pen and paper …


And while doodling in a meeting earlier this morning, something else began to take shape … that actually looked like a possibility …  that my brain actually liked …

20131220-145416.jpgIt’s a beginning …



What do you think about this?

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