Leftovers … a writing challenge from WordPress.

Well, guess what … this blog is my leftover … I haven’t touched it in ages !!  LoL

My brain decided to take a hiatus on its own … There were so many things going on, I had a million and one posts planned out in my head … and yet it never made it to the screen for posting.  Then I decided to post a monthly summary of what I would have posted individually … that obviously never made it either.  And so there it sat at the back of my mind … the blogs (yes, I have more than one) needed to be updated, or I had something that I wanted to write about … I wanted to sit and start posting, then the timing wasn’t right, and there were errands and chores to do, and there were appointments to be kept … And that’s probably why my brain went on hiatus …

So here I am back again – trying to get some regularity back in my life, by writing  … You know how life takes over.  I feel like I’m set adrift these days, nothing that’s anchoring me, and just going through life’s busy routines by rote.  We’ve also had two deaths recently – two aunts, sisters who passed away within weeks of each other, from illness and complications.  Maybe that’s what’s unsettled me too.

I should just write …. without having to over-think it, or wait for the right time, or just whenever in between life … Writing as catharsis, to just let the words out and let it flow.   You know how I know that it’s getting bad?  I haven’t even been able to settle down to pick up hook and yarn and create something out of it.  Can you imagine I went some days without crocheting or knitting?  I tried several times, only to unravel everything and rewind the yarn back into a ball.  I haven’t even felt the urge or the itch to buy yarn, just because I like the colours, or because it’s new yarn that I have to try out.  Maybe it’s because I’m on a self-imposed yarn diet and with the budgetary restrictions in the back of my head, it’s also curbed my impulses to purchase yarn … or maybe it’s because I’m going into withdrawal and there’s nothing extra for a treat.  There you go … So maybe money is at the root of all evil … It’s not letting me buy yarn!  … and that’s what making my brain whirl around and around … Am I starting to blather about nothing now?

Well, it’s a start … I’m writing again … my brain is starting to work again … Things will get better …




  1. Q – I feel your pain. You have so eloquently put into words what my brain has been doing. We’ve had three deaths since Jan which has thrown me for a loop: my uncle, my mom, and my precious unborn grandson. I like the hope in your last sentence. “Things will get better.”

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