Photography 101: Glass – From the Outside Looking In

Today’s photo101 subject caught my eye … glass.  And I had a photo for it.  I know I know … these topics are supposed to encourage us to improve photo-taking skills, not to go through archives for one that fits the topic.  But I’m going to forget to take a photo if I don’t do it now.  So … here’s me in a self-portrait … from the outside looking in.  These are all reflections, on the glass.


I was walking around the balcony of a hotel in Nagarkot, Nepal, and came back to my room.  Noticing the curtains were drawn and that I could look in, I decided to take a self-portrait with my reflection in the mirror.  Well … it didn’t turn out as I thought it would.  I fiddled with the settings some more, but still couldn’t get a good photo of me in the mirror.

But I like this accidental shot better.  There’s layers within the image … layers in the meanings … in layers of glass.




What do you think about this?

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