Bonswa from Haiti: Which Came First?

Driving through Port-au-Prince was driving through a constant cloud-dust.  The roads are unpaved, sand and stones and gravel all throughout.  There would be stretches of paved road, maybe a concrete road that was more or less even … But most of the time, we were bouncing around from side to side, from front to back, as we navigated the bumps, pot-holes, rocks and rubble on the road …

And we came upon this, on the way to the house …


So … which came first .. the tree or the road?

Christopher says that the tree came first … so everybody drives around it, no questions asked.  Besides, it was too old and too big to be worth the trouble of cutting it down and uprooting, so it stays.

Well … what about this, then?


Oh, wait … we have that too here … they just happened to be planted in the middle of a concrete island …

What do you think about this?

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