Bonswa from Haiti: Fuchsias

I hadn’t seen the fuchsia flower so much, since I first discovered it in Nepal.  Amazing, isn’t it?  Or maybe I don’t notice it as much here, but I’m sure that I would have noticed those brilliant colours.

They had several pots of the fuchsia plant, on the steps.  And so I sat myself on a step, and had my fill of taking photos of the flowers.  I was sure that I could take one more photo better than the one that I just took.  Actually, it was more of the photo not coming out the way I liked, because that particular bloom that I was taking a picture of was at an angle I couldn’t quite reach …

Anyway, here they are, in full bloom …



Aren’t they gorgeous?


My colours, definitely.


      1. Thanks! I like to incorporate a traditional greeting on my travel posts, now that I have all the posts on one blog. I used to set up a different blog for each travel, but then couldn’t figure out how to link it back to the primary blog. I’m still thinking of separate travel blogs though, so maybe for the future.

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