Passiflora Caerulea

This is my new favourite flower discovery … the Passiflora Caerulea, or the Blue Passion Flower, native to southern Brazil and Argentina.


Isn’t it gorgeous?  I think I saw this the last time I went as well, but I don’t remember it looking like this – I would surely have remembered it this time around.  Here’s a view from the other side …


… and a profile view …


LoL … you know that I’m obsessed with this now …


I finally got out of the way and let other people take their turn for their pictures.  Walking on, I climbed up the stairs to a landing … and found this again …



I don’t know if this was a ‘younger’ bloom, or maybe in the late stages, since it didn’t have the pinkish petals.  I think it’s a younger bloom … this looks fresher, and there’s a bud behind this one, almost ready to open …


I sure wish that I had a green thumb, then I could try and grow these in my garden …


  1. I have the white one with blue centre and now they are going to flower soon! 🙂 I picked up a seed pack from garden centre and they bloom the second year from seeds. Fast growing! You can grow them from cutting will flower soon.

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