Each year the Orchid Show has a different theme, and I try to find my own theme when I’m taking photographs of the orchids.  It’s really the same orchid species every year arranged differently, with a few other flower species inserted here and there.  I have no problem taking pictures of the same orchids every year – somehow I think that they may just be a little different from year to year, but they’re not really that different, of course.

So this year I thought I would group them into colours.

First up – the Pinks. Always pleasing to the eye, in their many shades.


I liked these – I think it was because they were a little muted, and not so bright.



And this with a hint of orange …


I tried to get the reflected highlights of this bouquet up in the air, but didn’t quite succeed.


So I focused on the ones closer to the ground instead …




… with a lonesome pink in the water.


What do you think about this?

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