In the Desert

The Conservatory has a section for desert plants and shrubs.  That was a good classroom for Tin one year, when he had to do a presentation on the desert for school, and he did some research on the plants here.

There are not many additions or changes to this part.  My photo subjects are the same as from previous years, so I just look for whatever catches my eye that day.

Hmmm …. snow-cone cactus?


The carnivorous plants were inside a glass case, as usual.  I wish that they would be out in the open, for once.  I want to see them eat a fly, or something. ‘Are you mad?!’, Tin asks me.  ‘What happens when a kid sticks his finger in the plant, and the plant eats it?  Then they’ll sue the Garden!’  lol … one good thing – he’s been listening to conversations about liabilities and suing!




I didn’t like these … they looked like a bunch of snakes …


… and neither these … they looked like snakes up in the air … or horns … or fangs …


Maybe next year the carnivorous plants will be out in the open …

What do you think about this?

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