Photo Challenge: Motion

Once in a while I see a photo challenge theme for which I already have something to show.

For this week’s theme, I immediately thought of all those soccer photos that I took.  I’ve shot enough blurry pictures of the boys running to show motion, but not all of them good.

This one, though, remains a favourite of mine.  The sequence shows the run to the ball of the two players ….

justin eb game

…. then the struggle over the ball – the defender defending and protecting the ball, the other to get to the ball.

justin eb game2

In case you’re wondering, the defense won the ball 🙂

Here’s other photos on motion – dance.  These are Bolivian cultural troupes and their presentation during local festival events.


Bolivia Heritage Day 2009-1

They always have such lovely colourful costumes.

Next time I’ll blur their dancing, instead of freezing their movement.

What do you think about this?

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