Dune: House Trilogy

Thank goodness for audible books and Audible!

I’ve been listening to the Dune: House Trilogy series (prequel to the Dune series that started back in the 1980’s by Frank Herbert) for a while now, and will be starting on the third on the commute home tonight.

I discovered Dune when I was in high school, many many moons ago, and that’s when I fell in love with science fiction and fantasy.  I loved reading books that are big and hefty, and spans years and centuries, with hundreds of characters, and the stories never seem to end.  Yes, I’ve read Games of Thrones, started back in the early 2000’s, and The Wheel of Time  series (all 13 books of them).  Am I going to read the fifth GOT book when it comes out, or just watch the show?  I think I would still read the fifth book … the show events are all out of order … oh dear … is that a spoiler for the show’s fans? anyway …

And that has stayed with me through the years.  At times, I would make a decision on what book to purchase and read next based on the number of printed pages (in addition to an interesting story line, of course).  With audible books, I make decisions based on the hours of narration.  The 8-hour books don’t last long for me – I might as well get the printed book and read it myself! lol This one is going to take 24 hours – happiness!  This will last me 24 hours of driving to and from work in traffic.

I’ve lost track of the order of the Dune books to read.  I’ve picked up one or two out of sequence, but there’s enough familiar characters and names in the books that I’m not totally lost, but I still have to fill in the blanks, and there’s an occasional “How did that happen to him? What happened to her?!” So the thought enters my mind now that maybe I should go back and re-read the “sequels” to this House Trilogy, which is actually the first books by Frank Herbert that were published years ago. My OCD brain will appreciate that, the storylines all following a logical and chronological timeframe, and now I know how and why these characters evolved.   Kind of like the Star Wars Trilogy and then the prequels came out after the original trilogy, and now the first of the third trilogy coming out soon … We’ll probably schedule a Star Wars marathon and watch all in order … Makes for confusing explanations sometimes. But you know what I mean …

I’ve got Brian Sanderson lined up next after this … another science fantasy, at a hefty 24 hours of reading/listening again, but that won’t be for some time yet.  I kind of miss reading the written word now but with audible books, I can still keep up with ‘reading’ and books. And summer and beach days are here, so I’m getting my paperbacks ready …

What are you reading now?


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