The Equator

I had the whole day to spend in Entebbe before the flight back to New York in the evening.

So I decided I was going to make it to the equator this time.

After a drive that took longer than expected – don’t go through Kampala, the traffic is horrible there – we finally arrived at the Equator.


There was a line of souvenir shops, which I proceeded to visit one by one.  They all sold mostly the same things – wood carvings, the cow horns all polished up, jewelry boxes, mugs, bags, clothing …

 At 0 degrees latitude …



One foot in each hemisphere … south and north …

I watched the demonstrations on the direction water goes down the drain … clockwise and counter-clockwise, and straight down at 0 degrees latitude …


And you can choose in which hemisphere you want to have lunch in …

I might do that next time …

What do you think about this?

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