On Display 

I came upon an art exhibit/fashion show this morning, on the way to work.

This was at the United Nations General Assembly building, where the Heidi Latsky Dance Company had set up an exhibit to highlight the differences that draws attention among us.

I thought at first it was that mannequin challenge.  But upon drawing closer, you begin to notice that it was a little different from the mannequin challenge.


Some differences are noticeable right away.  Others will make you look twice and look hard to see what is different.

There were many that we couldn’t tell just by looking at them what their disability was, or maybe it was internal, and not visible.

And there was a certain bit of discomfort in taking their photos.  Do they feel the same discomfort, I wonder?  I see the quick glances and averted looks from the onlookers, not wanting to make eye contact.

I wonder what they think, when they see us, the public, looking and studying them?

And I ask myself too, if I would be as brave, to sit or stand there and have other people look at me to see what makes me different from others.






  1. I think your last paragraph is the one all should think about. The are not different they are the same as all of us. If people have to study people to see there faults, Perhaps we should look inward.
    Just my view and I love these people for standing there and giving people the chance to think about their art display. Great post

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