Caura River 

“Come, let’s take a drive down to the Caura River,” hubby tells me.

Even though I’d been down to Trinidad and Tobago several times, there were still places and attractions (like the Pitch Lake – ‘the biggest and only pitch lake in the world’, they boast) that I haven’t been to.

It was raining every now and then, sometimes gentle showers, sometimes pouring rain.  But the boys were getting restless inside the house.

So we went driving towards the river – on winding roads that got narrower, and uphill, with sharp turns and s-turns …


Thankfully, we didn’t meet many vehicles from the opposite direction … and the ones we did meet were cars, so we would just drive to the edge of the road as much as we can, with just enough room to let one another pass.


The clouds were low over the mountains.  I thought it would be cold, but surprisingly, it wasn’t.


They told us there were three parks along the river.  They had cleared up the land along the river and fixed it up with picnic tables, for those weekend ‘river limes’, or just somewhere to sit and relax.



We decided that we would go to the last one first, and then stop off at the other two on the way back.  And met up with this … the end of the road …


Well … so much for the third park!  Maybe they didn’t finish clearing up yet to make the third park … Nothing to do but turn back 🙂








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