The Year That Was

Snippets from the past year that has stayed on my mind … it’s not too late for this, right?  I started this last week for the Weekly Photo Challenge, but didn’t post in time.  Since I did half the work already, I’ll just post it anyway.

From the Philadelphia Flower Show, these purple, blue and green orchids caught my eye and I couldn’t tear myself away from it.

A couple of weeks later, it was off to the New York Botanical Garden for their annual Orchid Show.

In San Diego, blood oranges and eggplant cactus fascinated me.  Okay, so the proper name for the cactus is Aeonium.  But I like my name better 🙂

Monet’s Gardens – what a treat!  The lilies … the daffodils … the colour explosion

We had soccer tournaments from freezing weather to hot, brutal sun … and I hear there’s more soccer travel planned for this year …

A trip to Dili, Timor-LesteCristu Rei of DiliGeorgina! … AFET Humanitarian and Medical Mission 

Hurricane Sandy
blew away our Halloween and fall season and turned lives upside-down and inside-out …

The end of year and I’m back to Africa  …  the clouds … River Nile watercolour sunsets … did I mention clouds?

From the statistics, this blue-eyed fellow was the most-searched item:

And my personal favourites …  La Morenada

… model flowers and the Volitan Lion Fish

Hope yours was a good year as well.


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