Finally! Hot weather! 

Well, here in Trinidad and Tobago, it’s hot … reellll hot, as they would say. 

We had an unexpected and unplanned trip … Tin was asked to come down and try out for the national soccer u-17 team, so here we are. So far, it’s been a lot of hard work and practice in the heat and humidity, but he’s holding up. 

They had a break from the training over the weekend, so of course, that means … beach! 

And of course … a little game of beach soccer! Can’t get away from it ūüėŹ

And where was I? Under the umbrella of course … yarning! ūüėĀ

Oh yes … time to relax … 

Have a good summer, everyone! 


Getting Some Peace and Quiet

Hubby and I decided to meet halfway for some R&R, which in this case meant the Dominican Republic. ¬†After meeting at the airport, we rented a car and drove another two hours to Punta Cana. Don’t know what that city looks like, because we kept on going another 45 minutes to one of those secluded resorts, where we would spend the next four days on an almost-deserted beach.

This is my view from my chair. ¬†Didn’t feel like getting up …¬†¬†

I tried to get some knitting¬†time in. ¬†Winding a hank of wool into a ball was not easy, with the constant breeze … I managed anyway, and started another project …

The view of the pool, from the pool-side bar …

… and from the terraced dining area.

This is the spot I claimed as my base when on the beach.

Really nice and peaceful, just listening to the waves and the wind …

This and That

It’s all about the weather¬†these days,¬†isn’t it?


So far, we’ve missed the blizzard-of-the-century that didn’t happen, and the two other storms that came after that didn’t bring the amount¬†of snow that was forecasted. ¬†I’m not complaining. ¬†We got some snow, and plenty of cold, but not as much as the other areas. ¬†I’m ready for winter to end, though. ¬†Aren’t you?

One good thing about the snowstorms and dangerous road conditions … snow days and days off from work. ¬†These unexpected days off add to the weekend – coincidentally, the storms blew in during the weekend, and Mondays and sometimes Tuesdays were horrible travel days. ¬†So we just stayed home, and caught up with stuff we didn’t have time to do¬†over the weekend.

For me, though, it also meant that it was full immersion in my newest obsession – weaving! ¬†I was able to take a beginning class last month, and since then, it’s been non-stop weaving. ¬†Can you imagine that I’ve put aside knitting and crocheting (except for about 15 minutes at a time), and been working on playing with the rigid heddle loom and being amazed at what can come out it? ¬†Here’s some that I’ve finished. ¬†I’ve written about the full experience over on my crafts blog, if you’re interested in seeing how these¬†came about.

I finally got business cards and gift tags ordered for my charity/causes, from ¬†If you’re thinking of getting business cards or stocking up, try them out. ¬†You’ll get a 10% discount off your first purchase, by clicking on this link. ¬†It’ll give me some points towards my next purchase with them, if I decide to order from them again. ¬†Beware … they have lots of other cute stuff to tempt you … like stickers! ¬†Never even thought of stickers to attach to gifts, donations, etc, but that’s¬†a good idea. Maybe next time …

I’ll be going on a short trip next week … off for some hot sunshine, and away from the snow and cold! ¬†Hopefully the weather will be warmer when I get back …

After the Fifth Attempt

After the fifth attempt (or more?), this is my new stitch learned, to add to my repertoire of stitches.  The entrelac stitch, in both knit and crochet.

Last year’s new stitch was the crocodile stitch, but I think I used the crochet moss stitch more for my projects. So I’m still working with the crocodile stitch as well.

This is actually not a true entrelac – it’s more of like the basket weave stitch, knitted on the bias, which makes it look like the entrelac. Now that I have an idea of what the entrelac is about, hopefully I’ll be able to follow the instructions for the true knit entrelac stitch. ¬†The crochet version was easier than I thought … well, I still have to figure out how to work the side triangles, so I’ll be experimenting with that next.

Back to this … ¬†Using my new purchase, Kaleidoscope wool yarn, by Elegant Yarns, Inc., I started out following the¬†pattern, row by row. ¬†When I knitted about six inches, the scarf didn’t look wide enough. ¬†So I frogged it, and started over again. ¬†This time, I repeated the base pattern twice, to add two extra squares, before the repeat pattern for the body of the scarf. ¬†This made the scarf about six inches wide now.




As usual, I made a slight change from the original pattern.  The original pattern has the right side showing the entrelac stitch, and the wrong side the purl stitch.  I modified my pattern so that both sides are showing the entrelac stitch.

The yarn is self-striping, but with this pattern, the color changes coincide with a new row of squares, rather than in the middle of a row.

I’m enjoying this pattern and stitch, and I already have ideas of what to make next, with different yarns. ¬†Perhaps this year, I’ll have my Christmas projects with the new stitch pattern done in time!

New accessory project

This winter, my main accessory were cowls.  Not quite a blitz, like the hats a couple of years ago.  I knit slower than I crochet, so these took me some time to complete.

This was also the first time I worked with Malabrigo chunky (that’s Charisse modeling the yellow one) and it really was nice to work with it. ¬†That will be on my next stash additions …

Bev was the lucky recipient of the Paton’s Lace cowl, done in Waffle Stitch.


I’ll add the other pictures when I find them.