Getting Some Peace and Quiet

Hubby and I decided to meet halfway for some R&R, which in this case meant the Dominican Republic.  After meeting at the airport, we rented a car and drove another two hours to Punta Cana. Don’t know what that city looks like, because we kept on going another 45 minutes to one of those secluded resorts, where we would spend the next four days on an almost-deserted beach.

This is my view from my chair.  Didn’t feel like getting up …  

I tried to get some knitting time in.  Winding a hank of wool into a ball was not easy, with the constant breeze … I managed anyway, and started another project …

The view of the pool, from the pool-side bar …

… and from the terraced dining area.

This is the spot I claimed as my base when on the beach.

Really nice and peaceful, just listening to the waves and the wind …

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