Seeing Orange

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Post about orange?

Let’s see … Of course, there’s always the brilliant orange hues of fall and autumn …


And last year, I had posted about orange, because I was seeing orange everywhere I looked that day.


I don’t usually think of orange when choosing colours for knit and crochet projects, unless it’s a variegated yarn with orange in it, or I use it as an accent colour.

And Mother Nature provides enough orange beauty around us …


And that’s my orange-y post.





It’s an Orange Day 

You know how sometimes everything just lines up, but it’s not really coincidence?

Well, today is one of those days.  Appropriate too, I suppose, since we’re in the middle of summer now, and it’s nice, glorious sunshine outside !

What’s orange today?

I saw an orange flower …

I was wearing orange today …

A colleague is also wearing orange …

My wall calendar, composed of photos I took, shows a flaming orange sunflower …

I helped catch an orange Pokemon for hubby … a Magmar, and it’s orange …

And I’m adding the red-orange skies too, just because 🙂

And how is your day?


It’s Blazing Reds

It’s September in November … the weather, that is.

We’re getting unseasonable warm weather – although it drops about 10-15 degrees through the weekend – but for now, it’s nice and warm.  Wish it would last longer.

The trees continue to go through their colour changes.  Here’s my perennial Japanese maple tree in the front yard, changing colours everyday.  

This was taken in early morning, and the shadows and maybe my camera phone settings made it purplish.  I like that effect, though.

This is a more realistic colour for the tree – the range of reds from dark to light.

Oh, I still see touches of purple on this one!  I really like that combination …

Dramatic shadows …

red tree3

… blazing oranges

red tree1

… I wish this would last a while longer …

red tree2

Brown Textures

Maybe because the town was near a volcano – which last erupted in 2002, and its effects are still everywhere in the black stones and dust everywhere – that splashes of colour from the flowers were few and far in between.  Or maybe because it was the dry season, and everything so dusty, but it seemed to me that the town was dark and dusty and brown everywhere.

There were a few plants and flowers in between, but not enough for me.  I took photos but they didn’t turn out the way I wanted it, and I didn’t have enough time to spend on fiddling with the camera and settings.

Here’s one that I wanted to spend more time on, but couldn’t.


Look at the textures on those leaves!

Maybe next time – if I get there again, and if these are still in bloom – I can study it some more.


Just like with red shades, I have trouble taking photographs of orange subjects.


Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that.  I do get a good shot of an orange subject every now and then.

But not this one.  This was high up by the ceiling, and I couldn’t get a good angle on it for a decent photo.  It looks like the Philippine Jade vine, which is usually green, but these were orange.  Maybe next time I’ll get a better shot.


And just like yellow, orange is not usually a colour that I would use in my projects.  But slowly, over the years, I’ve been using orange more and more.  Again, not the bright shades, more of the pale and muted shades. Like this colour still draws my eyes … a sort of muted orange-crimson-brown …



Yes, I must be getting old … or old-er, as hubby will say … my tastes are changing …


Summer is Going by Too Fast …

This summer has gone by so fast.  Is it really the last summer weekend? I hope not … I haven’t had enough of summer yet!

Thankfully, the Coach made good on his word that the team would take a break and rest for a while, so it’s been a relatively restful soccer summer for us. I think that’s because most of the boys are going into first year high school now, and there’s so much going on for them.  I’m running around trying to get everything ready – wait, I think I still have to get some neckties.  Justin says the father’s neckties aren’t good at all, and did the father really wear all those ties?  lol

We also took a quick break to meet up with hubby and ended up in Orlando, Florida.  The last time we were there was ten years ago, so they didn’t mind going this time.  But no more Disney World for the boys – that’s for little girls and princesses, they said.  They spent the time going between Universal Studios and the pool.  And did those park prices really go up so high now?? I remember thinking before that $60 per person for a park entrance fee was a lot.  Now it’s over $100???  yikes!!  I must be getting old …

Hopefully I’ll settle down later and get back to writing and posting.  I’m still a little scatter-brained at the moment … yeah, I must be getting older …

Have a safe holiday long weekend, all!