Summer is Going by Too Fast …

This summer has gone by so fast.  Is it really the last summer weekend? I hope not … I haven’t had enough of summer yet!

Thankfully, the Coach made good on his word that the team would take a break and rest for a while, so it’s been a relatively restful soccer summer for us. I think that’s because most of the boys are going into first year high school now, and there’s so much going on for them.  I’m running around trying to get everything ready – wait, I think I still have to get some neckties.  Justin says the father’s neckties aren’t good at all, and did the father really wear all those ties?  lol

We also took a quick break to meet up with hubby and ended up in Orlando, Florida.  The last time we were there was ten years ago, so they didn’t mind going this time.  But no more Disney World for the boys – that’s for little girls and princesses, they said.  They spent the time going between Universal Studios and the pool.  And did those park prices really go up so high now?? I remember thinking before that $60 per person for a park entrance fee was a lot.  Now it’s over $100???  yikes!!  I must be getting old …

Hopefully I’ll settle down later and get back to writing and posting.  I’m still a little scatter-brained at the moment … yeah, I must be getting older …

Have a safe holiday long weekend, all!



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