Just like with red shades, I have trouble taking photographs of orange subjects.


Well, maybe I shouldn’t say that.  I do get a good shot of an orange subject every now and then.

But not this one.  This was high up by the ceiling, and I couldn’t get a good angle on it for a decent photo.  It looks like the Philippine Jade vine, which is usually green, but these were orange.  Maybe next time I’ll get a better shot.


And just like yellow, orange is not usually a colour that I would use in my projects.  But slowly, over the years, I’ve been using orange more and more.  Again, not the bright shades, more of the pale and muted shades. Like this colour still draws my eyes … a sort of muted orange-crimson-brown …



Yes, I must be getting old … or old-er, as hubby will say … my tastes are changing …



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