Dreaming of sunshine and sandy beaches already …

Christopher had his senior trip planned out since two years ago … to Aruba’s hot and sunny beaches, with a bunch of friends.

Well, that’s coming up in two weeks. The kids have been talking about it for the last two weeks already – all the activities, things to do and see … Since Christopher has been there several times already, he says he can be the tour guide and take his friends around the island; we grown-ups can stay by the pool or the beach while they run around …
Or so he thinks … Aruba is safe enough, but I’m not ready to cut the apron strings completely, just yet … we’ll be running around with them …

Meanwhile, I’m here with my notebook, making my lists and checking it twice and thrice, and rechecking twice and thrice again … I’m sure I’ll still forget something or other … senior moments are starting to creep in every now and then …

I’ve already set out two bags and dropping things in it to pack … stuff is slowly accumulating in and around the house …
And with these new airline regulations and weight limits, it’s going to be a challenge on what and how much stuff to bring … I want to cut down on grocery purchases out there to the minimum, such as fresh foods only. Whatever else we’ll need that we can bring, I’ll bring with us.

Or I can win the jackpot tonight and won’t have to worry about expenses …


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