How does your garden grow?

Spring is here … finally … warm sunshine, no more cold, snow, frost, snowstorms, blizzards .. although we didn’t have such a bad winter here in the east coast. In any case, a new world out there again, with spring.

I’m into another bout of photography, and so pictures will start appearing here and there. Justin and I walked around the neighbourhood one day, taking pictures of the garden flowers that were coming up everywhere. You can check them out by clicking on the link to ‘Pictures and Photos’ on the right.

Justin calls this the ‘Hot Head flowers’.

‘You know, when somebody’s angry, or his head is hot, and all his hair stands up? Yeah, that’s like these flowers’.
Our garden isn’t ready yet. Maybe in a few more weeks, we’ll see what those planted seeds come up with.
We got a headstart on planting tomatoes. I mentioned to Uncle Fred that I was planning to plant tomatoes, seriously, for sure, this year, since the price of tomatoes continues to rise.
‘Tomatoes? Oh, we have a lot of tomatoe plants. I can give you six plants next time I’m here.’

He suddenly showed up last Friday afternoon, with six young plants, a fork to aereate the soil, spade and trowel. And so he and Justin went to the side of the house and planted the young trees.
Hopefully, these plants will survive. He tells me that I will move on to other plants and vegetables after these come out.
We’ll see … I know I don’t have a green thumb … or maybe just didn’t know how to care for plants.
Is there such a thing as a green thumb?

What do you think about this?

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