The Flower Show

I was at the Philadelphia International Flower Show over the weekend … and went on a photo-taking spree!  Well, as much as I could, in between jostling for a position, in between bodies, over the heads, dodging passers-by …

But it was good to just spend time taking pictures, and playing with the camera and learning how to take photos of something other than sports/soccer action. This summer, one of my mini-resolutions is to take walking tours of the city. In addition to learning more about the city, I’ll get a chance to practise with the camera and learn how to take better pictures.

I’ll be posting photos in batches (that’s the structured/list-obsessed in me) … I’m also trying to develop a more critical eye when reviewing the photos, so that I’ll post the absolute best one that I took. But I’m not there yet, so I’ll post more than one of what I think was the best photo (of the category). LOL ! Let’s see how much I can cut down with that!

What do you think about this?

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