Turning a Half Century Plus One

No words of wisdom here from the past half-century to impart to you.  I’ll need another half-century to collect those …

In previous years, I would take off on my own for a day for myself, to do as I please or not.
This year, I decided that I should take a whole week instead to celebrate, after making it safely through a half-century.  (Hmmm … does that make one sound really old?)  A relaxing day/week should be enough to get me through to the next year.

I started the weekend before actually, with the trip to Philadelphia for the Flower Show.   As I had posted previously, the stand-out for me were these purple, blue and green orchids.  So I’m giving them another day out in blog-land, for everybody to admire their beauty.

I wonder if I can get any of these out here?

Celebrating continued into the next week with a Broadway show for which I had bought tickets several months ago … only to find out that day’s performance had been cancelled due to a flood on the stage from a show the day before.

I had seen the first run on Broadway some twenty-some  years before, so I thought it would be fun to watch the revival.  Well, maybe some other time.

Since the show was cancelled, I played tourist for the day. Christopher said I blended in well with the crowd in Times Square, with the camera around my neck, stepping in front of people, taking pictures.

No singing naked cowboys, but there were a lot of other characters walking around

and a free performance …

After lunch, a trip to M&M World – that was a bit of a color overload for me, but it was fun anyway.
Can you imagine having a wall like this in your home?  Or these bottles on your shelf?  LOL !!


And of course, the sweets …
key lime cupcakes
Next up is an afternoon at the NY Botanical Garden.   I’ll post separately on that.  In the meantime, here’s a preview.


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