My Tapestry Blanket

Found one of my early projects. It started out as a scrapghan, and to try out a version of tapestry crochet. However, as usually happens with me, it turned out to be a major project, meaning that the colour sequence was not as random as the term ‘scrapghan’ would suggest.

If you notice, colour A is paired with colour B for four rows, then paired with colour C for another four rows. Dropping A, I continue with BC for another four rows, then drop B. The next four rows are colours CD. And so the sequence goes.

Since this was my first try at tapestry crochet and changing colours, I found out later that I was not doing the colour change correctly, i.e. drop A and pick up B to finish off the stitch, leaving B on the hook to start the next stitch. I was finishing off the stitch in one colour, then picking up the next colour. What resulted was a sort of wavy pattern, as seen from this angle.  At least I was consistent, that it came up with a pattern!

Now that I’ve unearthed it again … and my boys are rolling around in it on the living room floor … I think I’ll widen the border another inch or so, to use up my blue/navy blue leftover yarn.

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  1. This is gorgeous! I’ve never tried tapestry crochet looks beautiful and would be perfect for our Victorian weather nice and solid no holes for the cool air to get to my tootsies xx

  2. Thank you. yes, prices have gone up here as well. My yarn purchase intervals have stretched out some more … LOL !! I’m trying to finish up my projects, in the meantime, before the Scarves for Special Olympics colors come out for my next yarn purchase.

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