On Blogging and Structure

So … last week I read the WP article on how to get more traffic to your blog.  Here’s an excerpt on a response from Scott Berkun about comments by bloggers on other blogs.

“Scott Berkun

April 12th, 2012 at 6:14 pm

We don’t have data on comment to readers. I suspect it would vary from blog to blog, as some content lends itself to comments and discussions more than others.

We do know the majority of posts are commentless. Of all posts, roughly:

77% have zero comments
20% have 1-5 comments
2% have 6-10 comments
1% have 10+ comments

This supports how powerful comments are to bloggers. They’re not as common as people assume. Writing and receiving them is significant.”

hmmm …. “77% have zero comments”? and  “They’re not as common as people assume.”

Really?  So I’m in the majority?  whew!!  Thought I was doing something wrong.  But then again, my blog was really just a way for me to gather my thoughts and collections in one place, with some creative writing, much like the written journal.  It was also a way to update friends and family on travels and projects.  But as with anything, there is that little “I wonder if anybody else out there is reading this” voice.  I know that at best, it will only get one or two hits for the day from the public at large.

I am quite surprised that this number was so high, actually.  I thought it was less than that, since all the blogs (both freshly-pressed and not) that I visit have tons of followers and comments.  And the ones that I visit is only a drop in the ocean of blogs out there, but apparently they’re all in the 1% category.  LOL !

So after much thought, I’m taking some advice from the article and making a little change, so that readers are not too confused with my unstructured mish-mash of posts on everything.  I’m separating the crafts and arts  posts to another blog, ColouringWithYarn, and leaving the rest on this.  I had already set up another one on tracing my roots and ancestry.   Except for the ancestry blog, I wanted to maintain only one other blog on my interests, rather than several, but it seems that several is the way to go.

It’s all good  … it’ll keep my mind busy.


What do you think about this?

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