My Perennial Garden

Thank goodness I have reliable perennials in the garden.
I have no green thumb at all – I think even a cactus would die on me.
But these flower faithfully each year, and add a little color to our front yard.
And once again, I will try my hand at planting and maintaining a garden, in hopes that they will continue to bloom through the summer.

The magnolias …

The dogwoods … 

The blue bells …

… and the white bells (ok, I don’t know if those are the correct names, but that’s what I call them !  LOL !)

The Japanese maple.  Point of view taken from the back of the leaves, not the front.  The front is the regular deep burgundy red.  Underneath is this bright orange-brown.

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  1. I think the “white bells” are Japanese Pieris. I had to look it up when I took and posted some pictures of these recently myself. I LOVE to take pictures of them. They’re gorgeous when the sun shines through them … or with dew on them. Okay, pretty much all the time. I’m a sucker for pretty. Your photos are LOVELY.

    1. Thank you! You’re so good, looking up the names. I tried that, and got side-tracked into looking at other pictures and sites instead! lol need to find a good flower site where I can look up names. Would you know of one?

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