Fighter Jets over the Beach

As I said in my previous post, I didn’t have much time to sight-see, but did manage to cram in three tourist spots in one day.  I had to drive myself over, of course, but hey! I was a guest after all and borrowing my uncle’s transportation.  So, never mind that they didn’t have a GPS (isn’t it funny how much we depend on that gadget now to get around unfamiliar territory?) and we had to take the route that my uncle was familiar with; or that my aunt and uncle gave me two opposite instructions and directions while I was driving; and we had to stop and ask questions several times; or that we must stop and eat before we move on …. at least I was out of the house and seeing San Diego!


Scene from the bridge to Coronado Island

A quick walk on the beach in Coronado, San Diego.  Only a few walking about at the time, and it was good to be near the water and smell the sea, even for a while.


Two fighter jets flew overhead, while I was there. I snapped away, then thought belatedly if I should be doing that. Visions of being stopped and my camera confiscated flew through my mind as we walked off the beach. But nobody paid any attention, so I guess it was okay.


Lone surfer on the waves.  I would think the water still a bit cold for this, but I guess any time is good for them.


And I wouldn’t mind living in one of these buildings, overlooking the ocean.


Hmmm ….



  1. Every May there is a event to support the military, it involves walking over the Coronado Bridge. The bridge is close to traffic for the event. FABULOUS!! Maybe next year you can visit and take part! Did you see the famous Hotel Del since you were in Coronado?

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