Johnson House

Walking around Old Town, there was the general merchandise store – Johnson House.  

What drew me inside was what was on display outside.  If there was one outside, then there had to be more inside.

Walking around inside were period clothing, cowboy hats, mixed in with occasional modern-day hair accessories.  I kept looking for other crocheted pieces, and didn’t see anything until I had made a round of the whole room and on the other side of the room, almost by the exit.  If I had walked clockwise instead of counter-clockwise, I would have found it sooner.  I saw these on display, and thought I was getting closer to more.

What I found instead was this, and my day was made.

Selecting this issue from the basket, I went to the front to pay for it.  Looking at the magazine, the elderly lady dressed in 1800-style fashion asked if I crocheted, or knew how to crochet.  Of course, I replied, and hope that there are good patterns inside the issue, I added.  I then asked her if it was real.  Pulling out the price tag, she said that yes, it was authentic, and that the tag said that it was vintage.  Hmmm … more research for me.

The paper is in good condition, although faded and yellowing.  It does look real, but I’m no expert in vintage documents.  In any case, there’s a whole new world to explore with this find.  What’s inside it?  Read more

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