Blood Oranges

My aunt brought these for us to snack on.

This is the first time I’m seeing these – blood oranges. And yes, they really were red, although the outside looked like the regular orange.  I tried a bite, and yes, it was sweet.

But I still couldn’t get myself to keep eating it.

So we squeezed it instead to make juice.  And I still didn’t drink it 😦


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  1. My FAVORITE olive oil is Blood Orange infused. It is fabulous!! I want a Blood Orange tree so badly!! This just spurs on my want even more!! 8-)) Wonderful pictures! I love your blog!

    1. These fruits came from my aunt’s garden – she lives in the LA area/suburbs. She brought over a whole box, which is why we had to squeeze them. I don’t know if they’re hard to grow, but when you’re ready, let me know and I’ll ask her if she can send over a … seed? shoot? branch? … to get you started.
      And thanks so much for liking my blog! more inspiration to blog! 🙂

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