AFET Mission: Turiscai

We arrived in Turiscai after a bumpy and winding two-hour drive, hugging the side of the mountain and hoping that we wouldn’t meet any big trucks coming from the other way.

The sun was up and getting warmer, as we drove down to the courtyard by the church.  It was good to get out and stretch the legs again, and to be sure that we were stepping on firm ground, not riding over big stones and boulders, or wheels sliding in the sand.

The church is still under construction, and when finished will no doubt serve as the only church for miles around.  This is the side of the church.  The front door is on the cliff side, and the door opens out to a wonderful view of the mountainside.

People got busy setting up and bringing in all the supplies.  Through generous donations, there were medical supplies, basic necessities and foods, some school supplies and sweets for goodie bags for the children.


In the meantime, word had gotten out already that we were there, and people were starting to arrive.  Patiently, they waited on the benches for us to finish setting up.  We worked as fast as we could to set up, and hoping that the convoy from Suai, which were the doctors, would arrive soon.


Under the watchful eye of the Sister, signs were put up, stations set up, goodie bags made up.


As soon as the doctors arrived and had settled down, the doors were opened for everybody.

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