AFET: The Humanitarian and Medical Mission

The Sisters had arranged for the word to be spread that there would be doctors in the church that day, and the people came.  The lines out the door were long.  Some had walked miles to get to the church.

  Their basic information and medical complaint were taken down.  Carrying their slip of paper, they went to sit on the bench to wait for their turn with the doctors.  This was probably their once a year visit with a doctor.

The nurses



The doctors



Lining up at the pharmacy for their medication.  That’s where I was stationed,filing out the prescriptions from the doctors.  I hope I gave out the right medication 🙂


The translators, explaining the dosage and instructions


And the Sisters made doubly sure that the people understood the instructions …


I think there were close to 150 people who came to the church that day.  A good day’s work.

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