The Bucker Jungmeister

As the Sukois were finishing up their display, the next flight act was announced. DS2_3219 Captain Howard Davenport was getting ready to take off in his Bucker Jungmeister.  With the lead-up to this next act, I figure it had to be something important.  After all, with the exception of the air force jet and the Sukois, Capt. Davenport, the flying ace, seemed to have piloted most of the planes for the show. DS2_3244



Is he flying upside down in this?  But of course, he is.



I didn’t know I was watching a renowned and famous pilot.  Read more about Capt. Howard Davenport and his Bucker Jungmeister here.


  1. I would like to learn how to repair an aeroplane and meeting you captain Howard.I was glad to watch you take care of a 19 yr girl yesterday on tv

  2. Thank you for the kind remarks, and I hope you enjoyed the show. If you’re still in the Kampala area, email me, and I’ll take you up in the Chipmunk for a “first hand” experience.

    Warm Regards,

    Howard Davenport

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