A Little Excitement

The walls have been shaking here these past few days, with the thunderous roar of jet engines.  All work stops and people come out to stare up at the sky, and watch the aerial acrobatics going on high up in the sky. This is what is causing the commotion. DS2_2878 Somebody said there’s going to be an air show here next week, and these are practice maneuvers going on.  As we stand there searching the sky trying to figure out from which direction they’re coming from, they suddenly appear from the opposite direction. DS2_2840 People shake their heads at the noisy distraction, but in the same breath remark that the pilots are so good.  He’s a Russian, they say, and he’s not so young.  But he likes to fly over the base here and rattle the windows and walls since he arrived here. DS2_2866

Hmmm … can’t wait to see what he’ll do during the air show.

For more on the Entebbe Air Show and the Sukois, go to this post.
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  1. You should take a video. I like these military aircrafts which doesn´t mean that I like war. It´s rather that this kind of technique looks so cool on the heaven. Here in germany I sometimes see euro fighter typhoons on the heaven and think “wooow that must be fun to fly the stuff”.

    1. I wanted to take a video the next time he flew over, but the exercise was over. I will surely take videos during the aerial show – if I find out when and where it is. I know what you mean – the military precision of the fly-overs and twists and turns of a huge piece of machinery is something cool to watch. but I don’t think I’ll be brave enough to sit in one.

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