Those Daring Young Men in their Flying Aircraft

I made it to the last day of the Entebbe Air Show, held at the Entebbe International Airport, the weekend of 15-16 December 2012. I got there in the afternoon, on a bright, hot sunny day, so I missed whatever was on the program for the morning.  The awesome clouds were out, and a cool breeze blowing.

This was up in the air as I got there.


I was walking towards the field as I took these photos.  I thought they were done with their flying, and I knew the boys would want to see this.


Thankfully, they made two more passes when I was there, so I got some pretty good shots.


I love the dramatic clouds background, don’t you?



Feel free to fill in the technical names for these aircraft.  I was only partially paying attention to the running commentary on what was flying up in the air, so I may get some these names mixed up.


What do you think about this?

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