Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Quickly posting this to meet the weekly challenge, Beyond.

Too many times we concentrate on what is directly in front of us, our eyes focused on one thing.

I had taken this picture because I liked the colours, the arrangement, the patterns.  Just a quick shot, nothing special, a quick reminder for a future room decoration perhaps, and then I moved on.

It was only later when I opened up the photo on the computer that I looked at the full picture …


… and saw Charisse with a big smile on her face.

Something had caught her attention, her delight at the discovery clearly showing on her face.  Neither one of us can remember what was back there.  But for that brief moment, the smile came out at the same time that I took a shot of the foreground.

So now, sometimes, I remember to look beyond what I am photographing.  Maybe I’ll discover something that will be a delight to see.

What do you think about this?

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