National Handwriting Day

It’s National Handwriting Day !!


yaaayyy!!! I can play with all my pens and scribble on everything!

Here’s a link on how to celebrate National Handwriting Day. Take out your journals and take the time to write a paragraph in your best cursive writing.

20130123-161908.jpgActually, I still take notes with pen and paper, not with stylus and tablet, as seems to be the trend. I haven’t bought a desk diary/planner; I’m using those journals instead and writing the date each day. Makes the day more interesting.

Besides, typing notes on a tablet while balancing it on my knees is still quite awkward. Jotting down quick notes and reminders with pen and paper is still faster than powering up the tablet and tap-tap-tap to a notes page to type a reminder. Not to mention the fat-finger syndrome and getting all sorts of weird words inserted into the note from the automatic speller. Like ‘call LJ’ turns into ‘call Ljulbjana’. huh? who’s Ljulbjana? why am I calling the capital city of Slovenia?

And there’s all those debates and commentaries on why schools don’t need to teach cursive writing to students because it’s outdated, and electronics and online transactions are the future. Cursive is an art form now, they say, so it’s being taught, if at all, as an elective, something to fill in the schedule.

Personally I think that it’s a shame if children of the future would not know how to write their names, or the art of writing disappears. Thankfully they would still need to know the alphabet to learn how to read, right?  And does it mean that children everywhere in the world will have a tablet of their own to use in school?   hmmm … and if we can now draw and ‘paint’ on a tablet, do we still need to learn how to draw with a pencil, charcoal and paint with oils and watercolours?   Or will that all disappear as well, making way for electronics?

How soon would that be, I wonder?


What do you think about this?

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