Sketchbook Project: Memoirs

I want to do this … the fact that it has to be handwritten doesn’t bother me.  I love handwriting.  I have sweet handwriting – see a sample on the post-it note in this post.  (By the way, did anybody write in their journal for National Handwriting Day)?

Here’s the new project from Sketchbook Project:

A perfect project for all the people who…

1. Are afraid to do SBP because you are afraid to draw (You shouldn’t be BTW)
2. Have a great story to tell
3. Have amazingly sweet handwriting
4. Like lined sketchbooks
5. Like cats (We are not sure why this is relevant, but it is)

sketchbook project memoir

I’ve always wanted a long-term project (not journals) where I have to fill in data, or write a brief sentence, paragraph, and I imagine myself filling these pages and pages of blank paper.  Every time I see a scene in a movie or show and a diary or journal is discovered, and they open it up to pages and pages of writing, scribbles, doodles, drawings … my fingers itch to start one.

And I do start one … and then I look at it after some time and I don’t even know why I chose that subject, and scrap it.

My desk diary at work is already handwritten, but I’ve also finally narrowed down to … handwriting the Bible (I know, I should have been a monk in the Middle Ages!); and/or a collection of the first and last sentence of a book I’ve read – or any books that are lying around the floor or on the bookcases in the house that I haven’t read yet.

There!  That should make full use of all those journals and notebooks that I’ve been collecting over the years!

Any other ideas of what I can handwrite?


    1. $60 ?? Really? I didn’t even read that far. I’ll have to debate that now … I spent on yarn already 🙂 lol … plus I don’t know if I have anything interesting to write as a memoir! lol

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