It’s That Season …

News of another winter storm blowing through has my boys’ hopes up again.

The recent snowstorm-blizzard only dumped a foot or so of snow on us.  I think it was plenty enough.


The poor shrubs were weighed down already.  Three days later, all the snow is still there.  It hasn’t melted.

With the ankle cast wrapped up, the boys proceeded with their snowball fight after they finished shovelling.

46917_10151703376178906_2016649942_n  377646_10151703376603906_27662875_n

This is what the yard looks like now.


Meanwhile, in the back yard, tracks of a visitor are clearly visible.  The tracks went under the gate, and disappeared in the snow.


We still don’t know what it was.  Maybe a skunk?




And so we wait again for another round.

I just hope this is not a weekly happening.



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