National Letter Writing Month

First it was National Handwriting Day.  Now it’s Letter Writing Month!

And look what I got today!


A stationery set!


Mini notecards with mini envelopes … stickers to seal the envelopes … little note pads … a tri-fold note card with matching envelopes …

Sadly, I don’t hand-write letters any more.  These days, there’s the phone, Skype, Facetime, text, email … I can’t remember the last time I wrote a proper letter to anybody 😦

I regularly wrote letters since I learned how to write … yes, I know, that was many moons ago.  We were in Africa, and my mother told me – or maybe gave me the assignment – to write to my aunts and uncles back home to keep them updated about our life away from home.  It was, of course, the only way to communicate back then.  And boat and even air mail could take several weeks to get to its destination.  I remember buying those air-letter stationery, ten at a time, to keep me supplied as I wrote a letter a week.  I really only wrote regularly to two aunts, a cousin, and my grandfather.  They were my regular pen-pals.  Remember those?  Pen-pals.  Do they still exist?
(Actually, they do.  There’s the Letter Writers Alliance, for one.   Sounds like fun.  But I’ve got so much going on now, I don’t know if I can keep up with that … maybe next time.  )

Then when I was in boarding school, I of course had to write to my parents about high school life in the dorm.  And after that, when I arrived in the USA and my parents were still in Africa, I kept up the letter-writing.

Other than the regular ballpoint pen, I wrote with fountain pens and different-coloured pens for my letters.  Using different-coloured pens has stuck with me – I still use that here in the office to scribble my notes and doodles during meetings.




*sigh* … Now, who can I write to, besides using these for thank-you notes?



  1. Lovely stationary!
    I have been penpalling since I was 12, which makes it a 18 years long hobby now… lol I have had penpals from all around the world, lost contact with many through the years, but became best friends with a couple of them, we’ve also met many times, which made me travel all around Europe 🙂 If you’re maybe looking for someone to write to you may want to check this website!

  2. I use my stationery for when I need to send somebody something… pictures of my kids.. or maybe to send a bookmark or something to let someone know I’m thinking of them. I know.. my husband doesn’t even need a bookmark anymore because he uses the nook. I use the stationery for such basic things that the basic thing ends up feeling more special! I love the stationery kit above.

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