Training and Memory Loss in the Cold

It starts again … or maybe it never ended?
Even during the winter season we were out on the weekends with indoor league games and tournaments. Yes, even out in the cold, freezing weather!!

There’s a big tournament coming up in Virginia, and the Coach has been training them hard these past couple of weeks.  Practice drills, strength and speed training, scrimmage games …



I take out the big lens again, and it seems that I too have some work to do to take better pictures.  I also take out the monopod, in preparation for the trip and the weekend games.


And horrors … the mount to attach to the camera is not on the monopod!  And I can’t remember where I put it away for safe-keeping!  Has that ever happened to you?  You put something away for safe-keeping, and you’ve put it away so good that now you can’t remember where it is?


I have two days to look for it, before we ride out.  I’m retracing my steps from the last time I remember seeing it.  Or maybe I should ‘put it away for safekeeping’ again, and perhaps I’ll choose the same place that I put it away the first time!

Do you think that’ll work?  Must be this cold weather …



  1. Q- we’re famous for putting things away for “safe keeping”. So safe that we can’t find them. It’s genetic since our mom was famous for this. She’d offer a quarter to the kid, there were 5 siblings, who could find what she had “put away in a safe place”. Lol

    1. LoL! That’s too funny! I can just imagine all five kids running around everywhere looking for something. Maybe I should ask my boys … I don’t know if my ‘safe keeping’ is genetic … I think my Mom knew where all the stuff she put away was!

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