My Pi Day

So today is Pi Day … 3.14

3.14 was significant to me only because it’s my day of birth, many moons ago. It was only recently that, maybe three years ago, that I’ve seen this day referred to as Pi Day. huh?? ‘Pi Day’?

Don’t know how long that’s been going on, but I know that I never heard of ‘Pi Day’ all these past years. This day has always been my day.


I usually take the day off for me and me alone, but not this year. I’ve run out of my leave days, used up between the boys medical visits and tournaments and other odds and ends that needs to be done during week days only.  That’s okay, I’ll just take my day off some other time.

We’re going out for dinner tonight.  Maybe I can doodle some more on the tablecloth, just like the one pictured above done over the weekend, while waiting for our dinner to be served.

Hmmm …. maybe I can collect a series of doodles while waiting in restaurants …


What do you think about this?

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